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What is AntennaSelect™ and what does it do?
AntennaSelect™ is an online e-commerce DTV Broadcast Antenna database and design tool. AntennaSelect™ was
designed and compiled by Micronetixx Technologies, LLC in Lewiston, Maine, USA. This innovative multi-GUI-driven design program allows
Broadcast Engineers and Technical Consultants to access the vast Micronetixx Technologies Antenna Azimuth and Elevation Pattern Database, including
special or custom non-standard patterns. The Design Tools in AntennaSelect™ are designed to save Consultants and Engineers hours of time in preparing
Antenna System Designs for FCC applications. AntennaSelect™ uses the Engineer's or Consultant’s email address and self selected password for login.

AntennaSelect™ is a dynamic and growing program. As new custom antenna patterns are generated for the Broadcast Engineering Community, they are uploaded
and made available via AntennaSelect™, on-line, immediately. This eliminates the need to distribute and then continually up-date the program, as is the case if the
facility is propagated via CD ROM, eliminating the requirement that the user periodically search for the most current version of the software.

We have designed AntennaSelect™ with the concept of “Grab and Go”. This allows you to quickly access and export just the information you need while designing
a project. In a matter of seconds you could export azimuth or elevation pattern data in printed-tabulated or Excel Spreadsheet form. From this, you are able to quickly
build a full printable report, if needed.

AntennaSelect™ has some innovative new tools that allow the Engineering Consultant to more quickly design an optimized antenna system.
Here are some of the main features:

                  Antenna Design Scratchpad   •  Antenna System Designer  •  Antenna Power Worksheet  •  Quick-Calc "What if?" Calculator  •  and More!

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